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Get to Know Us

As a known industry leader, we’re used to working with all types of customers - local or national, large or small.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which materials to purchase or the best way to serve our customers.


We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.

Leadership Team

The FSM team is built from talented individuals with the creativity and passion for meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs. These qualities are what propel our company forward. Each member brings something unique to the table, but we share a commitment to providing high-quality products.


Learn more about our team below.

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Billy Sermons

President & CEO

TEAM  (2).png

Jason Fennell

Vice President & COO

TEAM  (3).png

Dustin Williams

Director of Logistics

Dan Mitchell 

Assistant Manager

TEAM  (4).png

Jeremy Clark

Logistics Manager

Kayleigh Parker


TEAM  (6).png

Matt Collavo

Regional Manager

TEAM  (7).png

Paige Oleykowski

Regional Manager

Dustin Williams

Director of Logistics

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